Gentle and effective

One treatment


Series of 10-12

$50 each

Why Cellumage?

With the Cellumage treatment you now have a non-invasive, pain free treatment option that aims to reduce the unwanted dimple-appearance of cellulite with no surgery and recovery time. The treatment is gentle and effective........

How it works.......

The cellumage treatment combines gentle suctioning with on of three uniquely designed contoured attachments for an intense massage to treat those problem areas. This technique works by stretching connective tissues and stimulating collagen production resulting in a smoother, more toned-looking body. Cellumage is also effective for use over most of the body for overall increased circulation with an intense massage- like experience.

How many treatments will you need.........

To achieve optimum results multiple treatments are necessary. The number of treatments recommended can vary according to body type and desired results. However the average number of treatments recommended is about 16 treatments over an eight week period with about two treatments scheduled per week. Treatments are approximately 20 to 40 minutes depending on the area(s) of the body covered.

What results can you expect.......

Most Patients will notice an improvement in their skin's appearance after a few treatments, however improvement will continue throughout your series of treatments. Periodic treatments may be necessary after the initial set of treatments to maintain results.